OrganVision: RamApp, graphical tool for the pre-processing of hyperspectral data

Within the field of medical image processing, at 3rdPlace we are currently working on RamApp, a web application that aims to provide a user-friendly and open-source solution allowing researchers from various backgrounds to easily and successfully explore hyperspectral data, with a focus on Raman imaging.

The project goal is to provide users with a fresh and modern tool for their research. Existing softwares, although feature-rich and comprehensive in terms of functionalities, often don’t provide an intuitive user experience, making it difficult and tedious to explore and analyse data. Moreover, they require installation on a user’s computer, limiting their availability. On the other hand, RamApp can be easily accessed from any browser and operating system without requiring a local installation. This allows the user to immediately receive an update (i.e. a new feature) whenever it is the case.

Currently the project covers the most-used tools and techniques for the pre-processing and the analysis of Raman maps (hyperspectral images): from cropping and smoothing to clustering and baseline estimation and correction, but many more will be implemented in the future thanks to the feedback from the scientific community.


Figure 1: An example of RamApp interface. Each step provides some options, giving the user a powerful and customizable tool, while spectral plots and intensity maps offer a simple and effective way to visualise and fine-tune the results.